Hyper LOCAL Premium SEO Content Plan

Hyper LOCAL Premium SEO Content Plan

We will deliver 2 articles a month targeting popular key works found on Competitive sites like water.org. Each article will be hyper localized by all 50 states and the top 5 cities in each state. Articles will generate 100`s of back links each in addition to allowing Water-Gen to become extremely competitive in Organic search.

The Content will be the highest quality with an average of 1,500 works back links photos Video links etc.. Once we have established our hit list of key words We will deliver 2 articles each month that will target localized key works bringing us traffic of people that are searching for clean water alternatives. Once engaged we will provide a keyword target sheet like the one attached

Our goal is to peel away traffic from sites like the one highlighted below. I believe we can be taking significant traffic from them within Four months

water.org SEM

The SEO runs $4500 a month includes the content

This is a site for a Client that just started with us. You can see that within 2 (TWO) months this clients is seeing a nice jump in traffic and he is already getting close to $700 a day worth of traffic