Social Media Buttons

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As mentioned in our previous post the “SEO Checklist” adding social media buttons to a website isn’t just important for social media sharing, but extremely important for SEO as well. You can go to each of the major social media websites to grab social media buttons from there, or you can add your own. There are also sharing add-ons like AddThis or ShareThis which are external services. We don’t recommend you use these since most of your traffic is redirected through their URLs which give the SEO credit to them, and not you. If you aren’t worried about SEO, the they are a very easy way to add your social media buttons.

You can always find some fun social media buttons on sites like “Icon Archive“. All you need to do is right click on the ones you want, and save the Icon. Then add it to your website with a link to your Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin account manually.

The best alternative to adding social media buttons, is to grab the code from the websites themselves. Facebook has a whole section dedicated to adding Facebook Plugins, Twitter offers Twitter Widgets, Linkedin has Linkedin Plugins, and Google has their Google +1 Button.

To make it even easier and unique we have a few buttons you can use as well below. The buttons you see here are designed by Wappow! designers, and aren’t distributed on any free icon site, so they’re about as unique as you can get. Of course if you want buttons that fit your website and are even more unique, we can design something for you for a small fee. Just contact us and let us know you would like some icons. Prices range from $500 – $2,000 for a set (depending on what you want, and how many).

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