Targeting Investors via Social Mobile Acquisition Strategy

Target people that Invest

We can Market directly to their phones   Identify phones that have Ameritrade and or E*TRADE installed on them and then we can overlay many other demos

Set your business up on a subscription to send out 350,000 targeted display ads a month Each add will be delivered to the cell of the user via his or her most active social media.   Four month Commitment $3,500 a month

State of the art in consumer household digital analytic & demographics information with contextual mobile phone apps, keyword, long tail phrases & bag word search assimilation of consumer search information.

The cell phone is the most personal item a consumer has on them all the time.  We identify first One or a series of apps already installed on a consumers phone to group them into like groups.  Then we overlay Browser searches and or any one of 225 demographic data points

Step 1 Identify a competitors targeted app.   This can be done with a series of apps to refine even more


1,000,000 – 5,000,000 Each

Now take that data and sort it with any one of our traditional demos


  • Presence of kids
  • HHI
  • Types of cars owned
  • Owner or renter
    •        Geo Location

Last step  Decide how do we want to engage this customer?

  • Social media
  • Postal
  • Email
  • Phone


All the creatives are included
This includes A+B testing, heat mapping, click event tracking (following the mouse on the screen) and market research.

 campaign cycle


Here is an example we did for a mobile sports app called Firefan. We got them 350,000 downloads of men in the US who had the ESPN app on their phone (utilizing Real Source mobile data). My team built the ad creative and managed the campaign.

app 1app1app2app3app4